Our services include completely independent repair scope of work, welding procedure development, welder qualification and training, structural condition monitoring, on-site and off-site structural repair management, and project management of new OEM component builds on behalf of the principal.

We cover all facets of welding management including writing contract technical specifications for vendors/principals to set project quality parameters, to the development of inspection and test plans (ITP) to ensure all critical areas are identified.

This extends to welding procedure specifications (WPS), welder qualifications, and the compilation of complete manufacturers data records (MDR).

All weld procedures we supply are developed by our highly trained, qualified, and certified welding specialists adhering to all relevant Australian Standards and when requested, International Standards.

We have a solid history working with both national and multinational clients across the mining industry.

Welding Procedure & Welder Qualification

We offer complete weld procedure and welder qualification certificate services such as WPS, WPQ, WPQR, and WQC in accordance with globally recognised welding standards and regulations.

Our team provides welding procedures, training/qualification, supervision, inspection, and technical support.

Welding qualification and certification services

From preparation of WPQ and WPQR documentation and conducting weld inspections and safety checks, to performing Welder Qualification and Weld Coupons testing and writing, reviewing, and issuing welder qualification and certificate packages, we can support you through your journey to becoming a qualified welder.


We test all aspects of weld procedure and performance qualifications to help you achieve your welder certification. Our range of approval sheets allows for visibility of procedural restrictions based on essential variables. With iScope, you will receive a qualified generic Weld Procedure Specification sheet (WPS) and a record of weld test sheet showing all features used to qualify the procedure. We will monitor the data each run, as recorded by the weld inspector. We provide destructive and non-destructive testing reports, as well as a post weld heat treatment graph/report where applicable.

Welders who pass their performance test and achieve certification receive: a welder qualification test certificate, prolongation continuation sheet, laboratory test reports, parent and filler material certificates, and Certified Body endorsement (as required).

On-Site Structural Repair Management

At iScope, we understand the need for on-site structural repair management, which is why we provide clients with the following services:

  • Structural Repair Scopes of Work
  • Structural Repair Procedures
  • Site Supervision
  • On-Site Structural Repair Management
  • Off-Site Structural Repair Management

We combine the technical and practical experience of our Certified International Welding Specialist (CSSWS), Certified Welding Supervisor (CIWS) and Certified Welding Inspector (CWI’s) to deliver and execute comprehensive Repair Procedures that increase the likelihood of successful repairs in the field, limit the cost of delays and reduce equipment downtime.

Repair procedure

iScope develops applicable Repair Procedures that set guidelines and recommendations for repair works to steel structures and mining equipment. These Repair Procedures are in accordance with recognised Industry Standards and OEM requirements.

Our repair procedures include detailed Work Order Specification showing timeframe, resource, consumable and equipment requirements. Our repair process highlights each major/critical point of the repair with mandatory OEM requirements and specifications. Also included in this service are application pWPS’s and WPS’s, weld mapping, welding heat sheets, and ITP’s.


Our iScope team use practical welding and supervision experience to improve the repair. Using our on-site services and repair procedures are essential to ensuring the project is on time, on budget and minimising rework.

With iScope management you will receive readily available technical support and advice from Certified Welding Specialists, Certified Welding Supervisors and Certified International Welding Inspectors throughout the entire repair process. We are the first point of contact for the repairer when any technical questions arise relating to the component repair. We also provide Daily Reports on what has been performed during the previous 24hr period, a comprehensive final report (MDR), and a close-out meeting to debrief on the project.

Component Repair Scope of Works / Monitoring

We believe that a well-written Scope of Work will minimise variations from additional tender submissions and maximise the return on a client’s asset through the repair process.

We offer Component Condition Monitoring and the Development of Quality Management Systems and Documents and provide you with descriptive line items within the Scopes of Work to help reduce and eliminate variations on original submission.

As requested, our scoping packages shall include relevant procedures which relate directly to the repairs required:
Welding Procedures;
Pre-Heat and Post-Heat Procedures;
Stress Relieving Requirements;
GET Maps and OEM fitment and Gauging Procedures;
Relevant Fabrication and Engineering drawings;
Upgrades and Modification Procedures.

We are completely independent from any Engineering repair company; this allows us to perform weekly inspections of the component under repair and ensure relevant processes and procedures are being followed. iScope will provide Weekly Reports on what has been observed while carrying out the weekly inspections.

We are the first point of contact for the repairer when any technical questions relating to the component repair arise. Should any technical support or advice be required, our Certified Welding Specialists, Welding Supervisors and International Welding Inspectors will be readily available for queries throughout the entire repair process.